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"A fashion designer by profession, my ultimate goal is not to design just clothes but design dreams." - Isha Kesarwani

Greetings to all the fashion lovers out there. I am Isha Kesarwani from India. My love for fashion started when I was merely 11 years old. Having a fashion sense paved a path for me to no limitations. As I grew, I started using my experiences and personality to create new styles that helped my impression of creativity. As a little girl, I began to see that suitable dressing brings self-confidence. I could find fashion to be a source through which I can express myself better than I do today. My approach culminates modernist thought, practical design, and a pursuit of expensive simplicity. To me, these variations represent the emotions and stories that I want translated into my wearable clothing. My objective is to design clothing for the modern wardrobe with quality and timeless design.

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I am a student at Fashion Institute of Technology, New York pursuing Bachelors of Fine Arts. Previously, I have received AAS degree in Fashion Design from Fashion Institute of Technology. Fashion, to me, is not something that exists only in dresses, but fashion is in the sky, in the street, and has to do with ideas and the way we live. I believe fashion is a language that is spoken without speaking. I have an intricate love for my chic aesthetics and I am immensely inspired by my Indian roots. My Indian traditions form a vital part of my designs. For me, fashion is all about keeping it classy. I resonate with glamour and glitz and that’s how I fell in love with my specialization - creating ever-beautiful evening gowns that showcases the hues of nudes and darks to perfection. My outfits are designed to stay relevant at all times, regardless of trends and seasons. Through my future brand, I want to bring into the spotlight the everyday beauty of genuine human emotions, and that’s how I want to marvel and enlarge my endeavor.


They say your roots overlay the trail for your destiny and my innate creativity is inveterate via my dear grandmother who perused fashion designing in 1950’s and makeup lover mother. Family is my lifeline and I could be nothing if not for my loved one’s sustenance and love. They’ve given me wings to fly high and reconnoiter my creative side further. As a teenager, when I was in a conundrum to choose between fashion designing and bakery, it was my parents who helped me comprehend that my heart was into fashion and my hobby was baking. My lifelong reverie to study in my dream city, New York was made possible by my dear parents in 2013. Being a hodophile, I’ve since traveled the world including Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and a dozen European countries. But the charm and unique creative energy of New York City had me at a heartbeat. Somewhere between living and dreaming, this fashion city has stimulated my creative energy and I believe it has been calling me for years.

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About About


Ever since I underwent making clothes, I’ve felt a deep responsibility towards sustainable fashion ethics with a design philosophy that promotes environment and social responsibility. I am constantly exploring and experimenting with new organic materials and technology to reduce carbon footprint as much as possible. That’s what inspires me to use every last bit of extra fabric I have and this is what makes my designs fun and unique. For me, clothes are beautiful when they display the essence of nature and that’s the whole reason why I sew garments that are recycled, reused and repurposed. If you find a ravishing gown from punctured tire tubes in my collection, don’t be too surprised, it’s one of my signature works to promote ecological balance in fashion industry. I aspire to further inculcate my eco-friendly approach as I hope to work with dedication and zeal at an haute couture house someday and specialize in making striking evening gowns.

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